You Won’t Use WhatsApp After Reading This

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After waking up – WhatsApp

Before going to sleep – WhatsApp

We check  WhatsApp even when we have a 5-10 minutes break. It’s good in the means of conversation because easy chats, we got important updates on group chats and can discuss any work. But what about the forwarded messages who has ruined many lives?? Indians are so obsessed with WhatsApp, take the good morning texts and thoughts as example.

Have you heard about the word “Webkoof” ?? a person who believes anything and everything he has read or seen on the internet. Well you will find these kind of people all around you.

The point is, along with the important messages it spreads unnecessary rumours too. And we didn’t even cross check the information. And if you ask people if it is really true they are like ” Sharmaji ne bheja hai sahi hi hoga“.

Lets checkout the top mess that has been created by WhatsApp – 

Death Rumours

Last week When former Prime Minister was being admitted in AIIMS, somehow the news took round that he passed away when his condition was stable.

Same thing happened with our former CM, people started showing their condolences and RIP status.

But there are people for whom some national leaders and personalities are like god, and they just can’t bear the news.

Kidnapping and Trafficking

Everyone is familiar with that bachcha chor  thing. The news is in the market every 2-3 months. But have you ever thought about those who were innocent but suffered the accusations??

In many places people were beaten to death just because some random person said that they seem to be the kidnapper. And as always without thinking for a second crowd started beating them.

What was their fault?? What was their family’s fault??

Slaughter house

Few months ago, the so called Gau Rakshaks were so active that they were on a mission to save every cow in the country. So whenever they find people with cattle they announce them killers and then killed them.

So who was the killer and sinner here??

And what about those cows who sit on roads because they don’t have a house, those who dies of hunger??

Some people pets cow only for milk and then let them roam wherever the whole day. Aren’t they also guilty??

WhatsApp only helped to encourage this thing, because people were so responsible to support gau rakshak in every way.

And we all know about the medicines for swine flu and Nipah virus, all thanks to WhatsApp. Many people consumed that without even consulting a doctor.

These are only a few, and there are more to come. It is our moral responsibility to not share any such messages and make people aware of the truth. 

So next time when someone sends this type of message politely tell them the truth and ask them to stop spreading anarchy.

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