World Bank Has A Good News For You !

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Shoutout to the days of your struggle outside the Banks and ATMs. The pain must be alive somewhere but the World Bank surely has a news to cure that pain.


Do you know about the father and mother of all banks? Yes, WORLD BANK. Well, THE WORLD BANK has amazing news for every Indian.

So, what is it? Rupee getting  stronger? Sensex at it’s best? Or maybe they are lending us large amount of money?


Well, keep going and let’s find out what is the news that is going to make us happy.


So, to all the hard working Indians out there, the news is that World Bank sees India as the fastest growing economy for the next 3 years. Yes, you are getting it right. Indian Economy will see a robust GDP growth of upto 7.5% in upcoming years.


Isn’t it great??


Here are a few points highlighted in the report that need to be noted.


At initial stages demonetization and GST faced a lot of hiccups due to its implementation methods but they have surely contributed to strong economy. So alas, your waiting outside the ATMs for hours was somewhere worth for the country. Hard Work pays off surely.

The biggest news is that India has experienced a lot of investment growth since few years. And the investment is only increasing.

This is not the case only in India but in complete South Asia.

They have also noticed an increase in female labor force participation. So, we aren’t just developing as economy but also have successfully encouraged the female section of the society. So the ladies out there, you are all doing great. Keep It Up! And the men out there, Keep encouraging the ladies, and let the economy shine. Well as it is said ‘Each drop contributes to an ocean’. All we Indians are the drops and Developed India is the ocean we are contributing for.


“India is doing well. Growth is being robust. Investment growth remains high. Consumption remains strong. All in all these numbers are encouraging.” Said Ayhan Kose, Director of Development Prospects Group at the World Bank referring to the World Bank report on India’s growth rate figures.

He also added that India has room for improvement in secondary education completion rates.

And again, I don’t know if we have got Acche Din as expected or not but Modi Government surely has a few good deeds done for our country(though bad ones exist too). And being an Indian, I am happy my under developing country is developing.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his social media accounts and shared this. And why not, every Indian must including you be happy to read this report.



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