Wanna Be Everyone’s Favourite?? Get Some effective Tips

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Looking fashionable and attractive is thought to be compulsory nowadays but that’s not enough. People who are attractive as well have a kind nature are those who become everyone’s favourite. Their rich nature make them special and star among others. You can be star with some simple yet effective tips.

Let’s take a look at following tips – 

Never hesitate to appreciate

First of all, you should make your nature attractive. Why to be scrooge when it comes to say good things about other people’s qualities. We all like to be appreciated right, so you need to learn the vice versa thing. And don’t use ifs and buts when doing so whatever you are saying, just say it with purity.

Learn to listen

The second quality to have is to listen patiently. Let people finish their talk. People will start ignoring you if you won’t listen but only talk about yourself. Don’t argue much and try to trust.

Be polite while presenting yourself

Shouting is a sign of immaturity. Sometimes when you are loud while presenting your view, it is considered that you don’t have a strong reason and hence you are shouting to get things done in your favour. Also don’t try to dominate anyone. Be polite and say you word with its reasons and consequences.

Avoid tattle

When you take reference of fake things you weaken yourself. Not only this people will think of you as a liar. Don’t say any such thing about yourself which you cannot prove later. And remember a person will use false examples when he or she is weak and insecure. Be natural, say what you really are and don’t exaggerate anything.


Making fun of others is not good

This thing is a big obstacle in your way of attractive nature. It might be fun for yourself but it can hurt someone’s sentiments. So be careful with whom you are talking. It’s ok between friends but it’s not ok with everyone.


Malevolence is a strict NO NO

Don’t have a bad heart for anyone who has done something unintentionally. Human makes mistakes and you should not be angry on for a lame reason. Use your senses instead wasting your time and energy on being angry. Forgive, forget and move on.





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