Top 10 Jewellery Trends Of 2018 – Own Them & Slay

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Jewelry is a girl’s best friend, but jewelry trends keep on changing from time to time and it’s very difficult to keep up to date with them. So here are I am helping you to know some of the hottest trends in 2018 that you must have.


1. Mismatched earrings:

They say that your bags and shoes should always match but this is not the case in mismatched earrings. Dress up your ears in various designs but the key over here is to make it mismatched. From Instagrams IT girls to runway models everyone is rocking the mismatched earrings look.


2. Pinky rings:

Pinky rings have been popular among men and women way back in the 90s but now they’ve come back. Worn as a statement of emancipation, pinky rings ranging from monogrammed signets to contemporary cuts and diamond, short as well as heavy, bedecked versions can be worn to add pop to your pinky. 


3. Long earrings:

Long earrings are lovely accessories to have they not only look elegant but also serves as a style statement. Long earrings go with every kind of style whether it’s from hipster style to chic outfits. Melorra has an exclusive range of finest pieces of jewelry this is one of their designs of long earrings for more you can visit their website Melorra.


4. Layered Necklaces:

Heavy Necklaces will always be timeless but this year you can give layered necklaces a shot. You can add layers of your choice ultra thin chains can make you a beautiful set or layering using different lengths of necklaces, whatever your choice it’s basically having fun with neck pieces.


5. Anklets:

Anklets remind you of the ancient era where queens and princesses used to wear all studded anklets or while growing up your mother wearing them as a wardrobe essential. Anklets used to rule in the 90’s and just like many other style statements they also have made a huge comeback and they are here to stay.


6. Tassels and Pompoms:

This is one style statement which you will find, every girl in the town following. They can be of any type made with silk, wool, raffia thread, multi-colored,  single colored and what not. You can pair them with a simple denim jacket or a heavy lehnga choli you will never get disappointed by the way it looks on you.


7. Hoops:

The Kardashians have been rocking this look for over a year now. This is one of the wardrobe basics that every girl must have. According to various fashion bloggers the bigger the earrings the prettier they look. Nowadays even double or triple layered hoops are liked by everyone.


8. Brooches and Pins:

Brooches and pins are somethings which have been worn for thousands of years now. You can make them a part of your daily life to add some glam or sparkle to a simple outfit like a winter jacket. You can also wear them on your hair like adding a pin to your hair can bring elegance to your look. They are very versatile if you truly need to stand out in the crowd use one of these the next time.


9. Bold pearls:

It’s time for you to take out your grandma’s (I don’t know how many years)old pearl out because they are back with a bang. Pearls are everywhere from your statement necklaces to a septum for the nose.


10. Bracelets:

This is a never-ending trend. It’s not about the ornament it’s about showing who you are. Different personalities enjoy different styles ranging from a delicate piece to a funky one. You just need to think what suits your personality and then go and try one. Here is a one of the delicate piece from Melorra.


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