This Policeman Is A Real Singham Who Saves Two Girls By Sitting Them On His Shoulder In Water Till Waist

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Country major region is in flood. Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan have many news and videos of the flood.


Along with this clippings are coming from army officer, policeman courage who do anything to help the people.


In Maharashtra, a video of a woman touching the foot of army soldiers is telling that there is army who has no one.



Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has also shared a video of work of a police constable.


‘A soldier doing duty in uniform


Police Constable Shree Prithvi Raj Singh Jadeja is one of many government officers who does work with hard work, determination under opposite conditions.


Praise their commitment’



Many people have shared this video. In the video, Prithvi Raj is taking two girls in water till waist from the flooded area to the protective area.


People are praising Prithvi Raj on social media.





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