Things Engineering Students Are Tired Of Hearing!

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More than 10 lakh students graduate every year in India. And out of these, approximately more than 60% remain unemployed or underpaid. Still engineering undoubtedly one of the most sought-after courses in India. Though rewarding at times, being an engineering student can be both challenging and frustrating. While it is certainly not for everybody, having an engineering degree can lead to creative career paths in or outside of engineering fields.  Engineering  has many stereotypes attached to it Let see things engineering student tired of hearing:

1. Why couldn’t you “Crack” IIT?


If you are a science student and think of getting into engineering college than it’s not possible that you are not dreaming of IIT-JEE. And if you are not able to crack IIT entrance exam than mark these words that entire life your friends, parents and especially relatives will make you feel guilty of “Why couldn’t you crack IIT”.

2. What After Engineering?


The next big question that comes to the mind of a generic engineer is “What to do next”. Because engineering students don’t choose engineering but engineering chooses them. In last year of engineering, they get serious about what to do next in engineering. Still, there are amazing engineering heroes who believe that job will choose them, they won’t choose the job.

3. Why did you do Engineering when you don’t want to be an engineer?


Out of 100 engineering students, there are only 10 students who are engineer otherwise every engineer follows his/her passion. In every field, you will find an engineer except in engineering field. And they are successful whether its cricket, acting, politics, bureaucracy, and blah! blah!.

4. Fix or Repair anything


By mistake, you are electrical/mechanical engineering than it’s not possible that your neighbor or parents won’t say you to repair household things. And if you are a computer engineer and couldn’t to fix the computer or laptop. Then that day gonna be the worst day of your life especially in the front of many.

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