The Effect Of Jammu-Kashmir 370 On Share Market, Mukesh Ambani Lost 2.4 Billion Dollars In A Single Day

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Bloomberg Billionaire Index keeps an eye on the world’s billionaires. According to it India’s five billionaires Mukesh Ambani, Azeem Premji, Paloneji Mistry, Uday Kotak, Shiv Nadar lost 4.08 billion dollars in just a single day.


Due to this market crash on Monday BSE Sensex fell by 418 points and closed on 39976 yesterday. This was due to the statement by American President Donald Trump in which he said to impose 10% tax on the imported goods from China of 300 billion dollars. Some of this is also due to the recent decision of the Government of India regarding Kashmir.




Asia’s richest person Mukesh Ambani had to bear a loss of 2.4 billion dollars. In the share of Reliance Industries, there was a total fall of 3.5%.



Paloneji Mistry who is at 44th number in the list of the richest person has lost 281 million dollars yesterday.

On the other hand, Azeem Premji lost 428 million dollars due to the fall in tech company Wipro’s share.

On Monday due to the market crash, HCL founder Shiv Nadar had to lose 265 million dollars. 

Kotak Mahindra Bank owner Uday Kotak lost 662 million dollars.



Talk of the world richest person Jeff Bejose, he had to suffer the most in this market crash. According to reports, Amazon CEO Jeff Bejose lost 3.8 billion dollars. But still, he is the world richest person with total earnings of 110 billion dollars.




Bloomberg Billionaire Index every day after shutting down updates the net worth of the top 500 billionaires of the world.

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