Shocking News: Man kills girlfriend suspecting her “Character”

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A shocking incident of an aspiring model being killed by her boyfriend has come into the news. The aspiring model, identified as 19-year-old Khushi Parihar is allegedly killed by her boyfriend Ashraf Sheikh suspecting of her “character”.





The incident has taken place in Maharashtra’s Nagpur district and as reported by the police, the accused has been arrested immediately after the crime. The victim, Khushi was a resident of Nagpur.




As stated by the Nagpur police, information of a woman’s body abandoned on the Pandhurna-Nagpur highway with her face crushed was received by the police on Saturday morning. Following the information, police recovered the body and could identify it through helps from social media. Police further added that Khushi used to participate in local fashion shows.




This has also been added by the police that the accused Ashraf Sheikh has also confessed of the crime. Stating the reason for the crime, the accused said that he suspected her character and could not tolerate her “closeness” with some youths.






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