Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal tied the knot at the Ambani residence in Mumbai on Wednesday. The wedding was attended by Bollywood celebrities, sports icons, and various politicians. The grand wedding of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal was held at the Ambani residence Antilia in Mumbai on December 12. The venue was lavishly […]

Things To Know Before You Date An Introvert

We all say that there is a wide variety of people all around that statement and us is true to the core. A certain section of people doesn’t like being the centre of attention, or even standing apart from a group. We are the introverts, who hold so much inside. Here are a few things […]

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Unconventional Choices for Honeymoon

When you are done with buzz of getting married and all its associated fusses, the notion of happily relaxing is what might be running through your minds. After all, all that shenanigans, you can spend some quality time with your special someone. Instead of going to the tried and often exhausted places, why don’t you […]



  Well as the month of saavan is here, the child inside us maybe somewhere dying to dance and enjoy the rains. Well the rains are not only to lighten up the mother nature but also to lighten up human souls. Rains are the indication that life is full of beauty. The rainbows the greenery […]

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  No matter how much practical one considers oneself, there are times when one’s brave heart gives up. Emotions are some of the powerful possessions of humans when used well. So to the brave and emotional hearts out there, the content below is sure to make you emotional no matter what. Don’t agree with me? […]

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10 Shows on Netflix worth Binge Watching.

  We all love binge watching shows, but sometimes we end up watching the same show again and again as we have no clue what to watch next. I am here to help you save some time off your next binge-watch series search so instead of searching, you can get straight down to the business.   Altered […]

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Pakistan Media On ISRO’s World Record Of Launching 104 Satellites

  Do you remember the last time Pakistan media said anything good about India? Certainly not! Well this time we caught them praising our ISRO’s world record of launching 104 satellites. Don’t believe us? Watch the full video yourself:     ISRO made this world record on 15th Feb. 2017 and sent a strong message to […]

Forget About Khandala, Let’s Explore MANDALA !

  Do you remember the time when you used to sit for hours painting a drawing? Your clothes and body painted in various colors when you successfully complete it. Well, no matter how much you scored in drawing during school or how bad you were at drawing, coloring is something nobody would deny doing.   […]

Chartered Plane crashes in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar 5 dead.

  A Chartered Plane was on its test flight today when it crashed in Ghatkopar’s Sarvodaya Nagar in Mumbai. This incident killed 5 people when the Chartered Plane crashed onto a construction site called as Jagruti.   These are the pics taken today before departure #Ghatkopar #PlaneCrash #Mumbai pic.twitter.com/rWHDWzhTwL — Paradise Lost (@Daily_Velli) June 28, 2018 […]