PM Narendra Modi’s Pakoda statement made a man Millionaire in Vadodara

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PM Narendra Modi’s pakoda statement was one of the most controversial topic in the recent past. Well, a man in Vadodara seems to have grabbed this idea and started his own pakoda stall in Vadodara and now he has created his own franchise out of it, with more than 35 stalls.

                            Narayanbhai making dal vada’s in one of his stalls.

   Speaking to India Today magazine, Narayanbhai reveals that he was inspired by PM  Narendra Modi’s pakoda statement for this venture. He also said that ” I started with one pakoda stall with only 10kgs of material. Now I sell pakodas of around 500 to 600kg of material.” 

In a matter of just two months, his stalls became famous. Now he sells 300kg of dal vada in just 4 hours in the morning and the same goes in the evening. He is selling 100g of dal vada for 10rs, so now you can imagine how much he earns by selling 600kg in a day. He is earning 30,000 in just a span of 4 hours!!. His monthly income is approximately 9lakhs and annually you can already guess by now.

Who would have thought that selling pakodas can make you a millionaire?

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