Perceptions – Being Single v/s Being Committed

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Lot of changes occur in a person when he/she transitions from being single to being committed. Difference in perception of normal day-to day things is one of the many. We have few examples over here for you to enjoy and reminisce. 


When you have someone you need to protect you don’t make rash decisions or go with the flow. You take time analyse and then take a step forward.  

2. Shopping 

It is no longer a sole monthly trip but weekly activity which deeply committed people tending to do things together look forward too.

3. Getting dressed 


Gone are the days when you were okay with PJ’s and t-shirts. Yes they still exist but you make an effort to dress better after all your significant other deserves it.

4. Social Media 

You become choosy with who you want to add on social media. Not everyone would be added like when you were single and were seeking to make potential relations with people. 

5. Looking at other couples

You are no longer grossed out by any lovey- dovey actions of couples around you. In fact you will smile and be happy for them.  


That’s all for today folks. We would love to hear your stories in the comment section.

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