Pakistan Media On ISRO’s World Record Of Launching 104 Satellites

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Do you remember the last time Pakistan media said anything good about India? Certainly not! Well this time we caught them praising our ISRO’s world record of launching 104 satellites.

Don’t believe us? Watch the full video yourself:



ISRO made this world record on 15th Feb. 2017 and sent a strong message to all the space agencies that ISRO can do anything.


On this day PM Narendra Modi congratulated ISRO and tweeted this:


Some of the upcoming projects of ISRO are listed below:

  1. GSAT-11
  2. GSLV-F10/Chandrayaan-2 Mission
  3. GSLV-MkIII-D2/GSAT-29 Mission


And now the most interesting one:

Mars and Venus Missions – ISRO experts recently reviewed the proposals received for developing scientific payloads for the future Mars and venus missions. ISRO committee selected more than 10 payloads for development. Their mission will be to focus more in studying in depth the Martian surface, atmospheric/exospheric and ionospheric features. The configuration required for the satellite to accommodate selected payloads is still under progress. Meanwhile, the selection process for finalizing the scientific payloads for the future Venus Mission is underway.


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