20 Things That The Normal Person Wants The Modi To Do In The Next 5 Years

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Narendra Modi has won the Lok Sabha elections 2019 by the majority and is ready to rule the country for the next 5 years.


These are the 20 things that every Indian wants from the new Government


1. Make solutions to deal with the problem of environment pollution.


2. Ensure fair distribution of resources irrespective of the economic backgrounds of the people.


3. Provide loans and subsidies to small scale industries.


4. Stop making unscientific statements at science conferences.


5. Focus more on building hospitals and schools rather than building temples.


6. Take care of farmers and give them an opportunity of being heard.


7. Take steps to solve the problem of unemployment.


8. Maintain the sanctity of the Indian constitution.


9. Provide machinery so that people don’t have to risk their lives by jumping into sewers.


10. Bring justice to the victims of mob lynchings.


11. Education and healthcare should be the primary goal.


12. Ensure religious freedom for all the communities


13. Save wildlife, especially India’s national animal, the Royal Bengal Tiger.


14. Remove restrictions on the taking of subjects for Ph.D. candidates.


15. Rape should become a criminal offense.


16. Do not suppress the opinions of dissent.


17. Have proper provisions in place if you plan on introducing something like demonetization so that people don’t lose their lives and livelihood.


18. Do not ban any eating habits that people practice.


19. Make the streets safe for women.


20. Let the PM attend press conferences and take the questions himself.


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