Journalists Locked Up As Yogi Adityanath Visits Hospital In Moradabad

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According to reports, during the visit of Yogi Adityanath in a hospital in Moradabad, some journalists were locked up in a room to prevent them from asking tough questions. But the District Magistrate has denied any such incident.





Priyanka Gandhi posted on Twitter, “Journalists are being held as hostages.”


The journalists have claimed that before the Chief Minister’s visit they were locked up in a room for two hours.





They also claimed that District Magistrate Rakesh Kumar Singh guarded outside the gate so that the journalists could not come out from the room during the Chief Minister’s visit on Saturday.


After an hour the Chief Minister left, Mr Singh came and unlocked the gate. He also asked media persons not to visit the district hospital.




Later Mr Singh said no such incident took place.


“It is not correct. During the inspection, many media persons were inside the ward and we requested media persons not to go inside the ward,” he said.


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