How To Avoid Jewellery Theft When You Travel | Sponsored by Melorra

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With wedding and holiday season around every girl needs a little bling bling ! in their life. But according to a recent survey, 80% of women bring jewelry with them while traveling and 25% of those surveyed had lost a piece of jewelry on vacation. I am sure this is something which has happened to you also, am I right?

So in order to go tension  free and enjoy your trip to the fullest, here are some tips which you can incorporate for keeping your jewelry safe while traveling:

 1. Always keep your jewelry  in your carry-on bag:

While on a flight never give your luggage on the checked baggage counter as it can be mishandled, left unattended or might get lost. One should never take this risk and keep their bags in front of their eyes, whatever might be the travel source.

2. Take pictures of all the jewelry you’re carrying along:

This might sound useless to you right now but trust me it’s very helpful. You will remember what you are carrying with you. No sense in worrying about a piece of jewelry you lost, if you did not even bring it in the first place. It also gives you a proof of ownership in case you lost something and it turns out in lost and found.

3. Cover it up :

Wearing expensive jewelry in a public or local area might catch the eyes of thefts or pickpocketers. If you are in such a place where these activities can occur, tuck your necklaces inside your shirt, cover any bracelets or watches with your sleeves, flip your engagement ring over so the jewel is on the inside of your hand. 

4. Keep your jewelry in a hotel safe when you’re not wearing it.

When you go out for exploring or a place where you can’t wear them or simply if you don’t feel like wearing it then you should give your jewelry to be kept in a safe rather than just leaving it behind in your luggage. If you are in someone’s house you can ask the host to keep it safe for you.

Keeping some of these precautions in your mind you can easily enjoy a stress-free trip.

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