Farmer Who Went To Dubai To Work Won Rs. 28.5 Crore In A Lottery

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Something like happened with a farmer of Telangana. After distressed by the drought, Vilas Rikkala went to Dubai in 2014. Recently he came back because his Visa got expired. However, after returning from Dubai whatever happened with him he had never imagined. According to reports, the farmer of Telangana won 28.5 Crore Rupees in a lottery. Vilas had purchased this lottery ticket before returning from Dubai.




Vilas is resident of Nizamabad village in Telangana. In Dubai, he worked as a Coolie and Driver. Before returning from Dubai Vilas had bought a monthly lottery ticket for UAE big-ticket draw. On last Saturday Vilas friend told him on the phone that he has won 28.5 Crore rupees in the lottery. He bought this ticket with the amount of 20,000 rupees by borrowing with friends and with his added money.



After hearing this news Vilas is happy. He said when he told this news to his mother then his mother didn’t believe in her ears. Vilas will use this money for educating his daughters.


The lottery is organised every month at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Before this, an Indian had won a lot of money in the lottery.  


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