Everything you need to know about Google’s latest update for Gmail

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Googl’e latest update for Gmail is all about having neater user interface and making it more stronger!

USP of the latest update –


gmail update

Snoozing, Nudging, TFA, Hover activity and more on this recent update by Google for Gmail!

Year long we had to wait to get the update for Gmail, the old traditional design was boring and the recent update Brought an end to the wait for people who were waiting for fresh change on the user experience.

This recent update from Google has targeted people who are Business users making the Gmail more productive and safer for end user to operate on.

Gmail updates has new major features like –

gmail features

Update #1 – Confidential Mode

Update #2 – Integrated rights management

Update #3 – Improvised Two-factor authentication

Update #4 – One-tap unsubscribe prompt

Update #5 – Email snoozing

Update #6 – Nudging of emails

Update #7 – Collapsible left/right-hand side pane

Update #8 – Google Tasks mobile app

Update #9 – Native offline mode

Update #10 – High-priority notifications

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