Breaking News: Accident Left 2 Brothers Dead & Several Injured

  News has come into view that a speeding car hit some vehicles from behind and injured many people very seriously at the JDA Circle intersection on Tuesday evening while 2 brothers died on the spot.   Actual Footage Of The Accident     The local people immediately came to help the injured and were […]

Shocking News: Man kills girlfriend suspecting her “Character”

    A shocking incident of an aspiring model being killed by her boyfriend has come into the news. The aspiring model, identified as 19-year-old Khushi Parihar is allegedly killed by her boyfriend Ashraf Sheikh suspecting of her “character”.         The incident has taken place in Maharashtra’s Nagpur district and as reported […]

Government New move on Operation All Out

  The Operation all Out which was kept on hold during the month of Ramjan as per the order by Home Ministry is likely to start again. Today, while talking to media home minister Rajnath Singh has announced that government is resuming the operation with the same mission to negate the militants and terrorist from the […]

You Won’t Use WhatsApp After Reading This

After waking up – WhatsApp Before going to sleep – WhatsApp We check  WhatsApp even when we have a 5-10 minutes break. It’s good in the means of conversation because easy chats, we got important updates on group chats and can discuss any work. But what about the forwarded messages who has ruined many lives?? […]

10 IPC Laws that You Didn’t Know Existed

If you say that you haven’t seen a single episode of Crime Patrol or Savdhan India, then you must be lying. For fun or by interest but all of us have seen at least one. The only important thing you learn from this is the IPC acts and sections at the end of the show.  […]

asram convicted rape case

Billionaire Godman: Asaram Bapu Got Convicted In Rape Case

The final verdict on Asaram Bapur rape case is here! Jodhpur court has finally given their verdict on the 5 year old pending case where Asaram Bapu had raped a minor. Totally 5 people had been accused and 3 people have been convicted in this case. The statement was produced in jail to divert violence […]

mulund accident chai times

Woman Pushes Man In Front Of Train – Man died instantly!

  A woman pushed a man on track because he bumped into her by mistake. As reported by witnesses and as seen in CCTV footage, the man apologised her but the woman was furious and pushed him to death. The government railway police (GRP) are looking for a 35-year-old woman and another man, both seen […]