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This Is How World Leaders Congratulated PM Narendra Modi

  After a landslide victory in 2019 elections, PM Narendra Modi is getting all the love & wishes from all around the world. 1. Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu मेरे दोस्त @narendramodi आपके प्रभावशाली चुनावी जीत पर हार्दिक बधाई! ये चुनावी नतीजे एक बार फिर दुनिया के सबसे बड़े लोकतंत्र में आपके नेतृत्व को […]

The New Maruti Ertiga, And The Huge Demand It Received

The Ertiga has proved to be yet another story of success for Maruti Suzuki. In the six years that it has existed, Maruti has succeeded in selling over four lakh units of the Ertiga, thus allowing it to become one of the most desired MPVs along with the other favorite Toyota Innova. A simple review […]

Things you should know about the world’s best boxer- Mary Kom

India is proud to be the home to the world’s best female boxer, our very own Mary Kom hailing from Manipur. Success never comes easy and although Kom might make it look all too easy, there were a lot of sacrifices that she put into her career that made her what she is today. If […]

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Pakistan Media On ISRO’s World Record Of Launching 104 Satellites

  Do you remember the last time Pakistan media said anything good about India? Certainly not! Well this time we caught them praising our ISRO’s world record of launching 104 satellites. Don’t believe us? Watch the full video yourself:     ISRO made this world record on 15th Feb. 2017 and sent a strong message to […]

Chartered Plane crashes in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar 5 dead.

  A Chartered Plane was on its test flight today when it crashed in Ghatkopar’s Sarvodaya Nagar in Mumbai. This incident killed 5 people when the Chartered Plane crashed onto a construction site called as Jagruti.   These are the pics taken today before departure #Ghatkopar #PlaneCrash #Mumbai — Paradise Lost (@Daily_Velli) June 28, 2018 […]

See What These Japanese Bosses Did On Live TV

It’s quite normal that an employee apologizes for mistakes conducted. But Japanese bosses did something unexpected on live TV because of their employee’s mistake. A video of 4 Japanese Government officers went viral in which they are apologizing on behalf of an employee. Wonder what the employee has done??  Well he left his seat 3 […]

World Bank Has A Good News For You !

  Shoutout to the days of your struggle outside the Banks and ATMs. The pain must be alive somewhere but the World Bank surely has a news to cure that pain.   Do you know about the father and mother of all banks? Yes, WORLD BANK. Well, THE WORLD BANK has amazing news for every […]

Kerala High Court On Breastfeeding Magazine Cover

When Grihlakshmi magazine released its March 2018 edition, people’s eyes pop out because of the breastfeeding cover. It was the cover story and model Gilu Joseph posed with a baby. But some people found the thing OBSCENE and hence they realized that this is their duty to report the magazine. However Kerala High Court has […]

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PM Narendra Modi’s Pakoda statement made a man Millionaire in Vadodara

  PM Narendra Modi’s pakoda statement was one of the most controversial topic in the recent past. Well, a man in Vadodara seems to have grabbed this idea and started his own pakoda stall in Vadodara and now he has created his own franchise out of it, with more than 35 stalls.                 […]

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Gaming addiction is now officially considered as a mental health disorder.

  If your parents were telling you, to stop playing video games too much they just might be right. WHO (World Health Organisation) declared addiction to video games as a serious mental disorder. The organization in it’s latest version of  International Classification of Diseases (ICD) has listed gaming addiction in it. Don’t just throw away your laptops yet. According […]