SRK And Juhi The Most Adorable Couple Of the 90s I Guess

    If you have grown up in the 90s then you will definitely like SRK and Juhi as a couple. Even today this couple is too much adorable, heart touching, warmth couple.     Shah Rukh Khan is the Baadshah of Bollywood romance who has fallen in love with every co-star. His movies are […]

Avengers: Endgame Will Be Re-Released With Extra Footage & Post Credit Scenes

    Almost 2 months on from its original release, and more than $2.5 billion later, Avengers Endgame will be getting a limited-time re-release.         In a conversation with Screen Rant, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that the movie would be re-released on June 28.           While […]

10 Things To Do In Bhutan If You Are Going For Holidays In Bhutan

    Bhutan is well-known for its snowy mountains, green forests, monasteries, and attractive landscapes. So, if you are thinking about the holidays in this country then we are here to help. Here are the 10 best things that you can do in the Himalayan Kingdom:-   Visit Tiger’s Nest Monastery It is also known […]

Kit Harington Goes To Rehab To Work On Some ‘Personal Issues’

  The final episode of Game of Thrones was a culmination of some 8-9 years of commitment. All the feels hit us hard. This was it. Now, think how hard it would have been for the actors, to realize that this is the end for a character they have lived and breathed, for so many […]

Things you should know about the world’s best boxer- Mary Kom

India is proud to be the home to the world’s best female boxer, our very own Mary Kom hailing from Manipur. Success never comes easy and although Kom might make it look all too easy, there were a lot of sacrifices that she put into her career that made her what she is today. If […]

7 Most Expensive Divorces Followed by Jeff Bezos’

 There have been many extortionately high-priced celebrity divorces over the years. Mel Gibson, Michael Jordan, and Steven Spielberg, all had marital splits that cost them $100 million or more. Other well-known celebrities, like Larry King, Mickey Rooney, and Elizabeth Taylor, are known for getting hitched–and divorced following that–more times than your fingers can allow you […]



  Well as the month of saavan is here, the child inside us maybe somewhere dying to dance and enjoy the rains. Well the rains are not only to lighten up the mother nature but also to lighten up human souls. Rains are the indication that life is full of beauty. The rainbows the greenery […]

top 10 shows on netflix to binge watch

10 Shows on Netflix worth Binge Watching.

  We all love binge watching shows, but sometimes we end up watching the same show again and again as we have no clue what to watch next. I am here to help you save some time off your next binge-watch series search so instead of searching, you can get straight down to the business.   Altered […]

21 songs that every 90’s kid enjoyed listening in their teens.

  I may be a little biased but I think the kids from the 90’s were the luckiest of all, they got everything in the best form whether it was fashion , music or what not. Here are a few hits which everyone enjoyed listening in their teens. I love jamming on these songs every […]