Billionaire Godman: Asaram Bapu Got Convicted In Rape Case

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The final verdict on Asaram Bapur rape case is here!

Jodhpur court has finally given their verdict on the 5 year old pending case where Asaram Bapu had raped a minor. Totally 5 people had been accused and 3 people have been convicted in this case.

The statement was produced in jail to divert violence on public properties and avoid protest breaks creating nuances making the judgment flow go smoother, this decision was taken in picture with whatever happpened to Ram Rahim Singh conviction case.

What was the case all about?

It all started on August 2013, where a family had approached Asaram Bapu to get rid of evil sports from her Daughter, Asaram Bapu allegedly molested her in one of his ashram.

When their parents had complained to police station, he didn’t respond to their statements and told that he was impotent and couldn’t commit such crime.

Even his son was arrested in December 2013 related to this case making more witness come into light, where two sisters alleged that Asaram had been raping them repeatedly between 1997-2006 period making the case count keep on extending.

Who is Asaram Bapu?

who is asaram bapu

His original name is Asumal Sirumalani who was born on 17 April 1941 born in sindh province of Pakistan.

Early Life Of Asaram Bapu –

After the partition of India, his entire family moved to Ahmedabad. He got married to Lakshmi Devi and has two kids – Mehangiba and Thaumal Sirumalani. He was a disciple of Lilashah Maharaj and completed his schooling till class three.

Disputes / Allegations on Asaram Bapu –

Asaram Bapu had been alleged on wide aspects of criminal deeds happening all around him.

Some of the major allegations are:

asaram bapu ashram

Black Magic Practice At Asharm –

4 Kids had been found dead in Gurukul making a widespread violence in the city, High court rejected the case as black magic but their parents have cried foul in this matter, the case is still going on.

Statement on Nirbhaya GangRape Case –

“The victim is as guilty as her rapists… She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop… This could have saved her dignity and life. Can one hand clap? I don’t think so.”

This statement of his had been widely condemned but Asaram told to media that his statements were misinterpreted.

Land Encroachment –

Acquisition of land for his Gurukul had reached illegal encroachment, based on forgery he acquitted the lands nearby his ashram where the case is till pending.

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Image Courtesy: Indiatoday

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