Because Of Shortage Of Water In Hostel The Principal Cut Hair Of 150 Female Students, News Is From Telangana

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A piece of weird news has come from Telangana Medak District. This shocking news is of Tribal Girls Gurukul School. Here because of the shortage of water the principal cut hair of 150 female students. She charged Rs.25 from each and every student for this. This was known when the girl’s parents reached the hostel to meet them.




After seeing the cut hair of the girls the parents started protesting against the principal. On this whole matter, the principal gave a clarification that because of the shortage of water students hair was cut. The principal said that there is not enough water for bathing and washing clothes from April. That’s why this step was taken.





The principal also said that in his hostel girls from 1st to 5th class study. Apart from this, this decision was taken after knowing the girls will. Principal Aruna denied all the allegations against her and said that this step was taken for the benefits of female students. Because some students have lice on their hair.



It has been said that this matter happened 2 days ago and to cut hair 2 barbers were called in the hostel for hair cutting. At now, investigation of the matter is happening, only after which the real case will be revealed.



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