Well as the month of saavan is here, the child inside us maybe somewhere dying to dance and enjoy the rains. Well the rains are not only to lighten up the mother nature but also to lighten up human souls. Rains are the indication that life is full of beauty. The rainbows the greenery […]

Chai Times


  No matter how much practical one considers oneself, there are times when one’s brave heart gives up. Emotions are some of the powerful possessions of humans when used well. So to the brave and emotional hearts out there, the content below is sure to make you emotional no matter what. Don’t agree with me? […]

Forget About Khandala, Let’s Explore MANDALA !

  Do you remember the time when you used to sit for hours painting a drawing? Your clothes and body painted in various colors when you successfully complete it. Well, no matter how much you scored in drawing during school or how bad you were at drawing, coloring is something nobody would deny doing.   […]

Whoever Comes Half Leaves Full

  These are the words said in the memory of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi aka Rumi. He was a 13th Century Persian Sunni Muslim poet. His works are widely read today and have been translated to various languages. The most interesting fact about Rumi is that he is the most popular and best selling Poet […]

World Bank Has A Good News For You !

  Shoutout to the days of your struggle outside the Banks and ATMs. The pain must be alive somewhere but the World Bank surely has a news to cure that pain.   Do you know about the father and mother of all banks? Yes, WORLD BANK. Well, THE WORLD BANK has amazing news for every […]

Your Curves That Matter !

  Remember the last time you smiled at your doodhwale bhaiya or the bus conductor. If not, after reading this article I hope you start passing smile to everyone you meet. Your small effort is surely going to add life to their day. But how is it going to help you? I don’t say you […]

Something Is Better Than Nothing !

  While the whole country is busy  creating opinions on Modi Government, the latest report by Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation has something different to say. India is called the Country of Villages and let’s take a moment to appreciate the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ that has contributed in rising sanitation coverage in rural India […]