5 Things We So Rightfully Demand From Our GolGappe Bhaiyya

    Pani- Puri has always been our favorite snack. The all-time and any-time favorite  snack has no age bar and we are no less in savoring it all. Also we Indians have this insane habit of asking for freebies and much like everything else pani puri isn’t an exception. So here are few things […]

9 Things Every Dog Lover Goes Through

    1.Mission Identification When a dog is your family member you end up treating it as a human child (at times) and children as puppies and probably laugh at yourself when you realize what you have been doing.   2. Melting Eyes Persuasion If you thought puppy face was just a phrase then you […]

Perceptions – Being Single v/s Being Committed

  Lot of changes occur in a person when he/she transitions from being single to being committed. Difference in perception of normal day-to day things is one of the many. We have few examples over here for you to enjoy and reminisce.  1.Recklessness  When you have someone you need to protect you don’t make rash […]

Rumi Quote photo

8 Rumi Quotes Transcending Time and Space – Must Read

  Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi or more popularly known as Rumi was 13th century poet whose spiritual influence has surpassed seven centuries and is still revered with respect and admiration. He was Muslim poet, Theologian, Islamic scholar, Jurist, and Sufi Mystic. His mentor had described him as “Here comes a sea followed by an ocean.” when he saw him walking behind […]