The New Maruti Ertiga, And The Huge Demand It Received

The Ertiga has proved to be yet another story of success for Maruti Suzuki. In the six years that it has existed, Maruti has succeeded in selling over four lakh units of the Ertiga, thus allowing it to become one of the most desired MPVs along with the other favorite Toyota Innova. A simple review […]

Weird Eating Practices Around the World Which Will Amaze You

And so it would appear that eating and gastronomy is not half as simple as it would seem; if you don’t trust us then here are some things that will astound you as much as they did us. Unknown to us, there are some really bizarre eating practices that are followed around the world which […]

Things you should know about the world’s best boxer- Mary Kom

India is proud to be the home to the world’s best female boxer, our very own Mary Kom hailing from Manipur. Success never comes easy and although Kom might make it look all too easy, there were a lot of sacrifices that she put into her career that made her what she is today. If […]

7 Most Expensive Divorces Followed by Jeff Bezos’

 There have been many extortionately high-priced celebrity divorces over the years. Mel Gibson, Michael Jordan, and Steven Spielberg, all had marital splits that cost them $100 million or more. Other well-known celebrities, like Larry King, Mickey Rooney, and Elizabeth Taylor, are known for getting hitched–and divorced following that–more times than your fingers can allow you […]

The Best Winter Foods From Across India

This  Winter you’re not alone, we bring you the best companion you can find to fight your way through the cold- Food! For what could be better than steaming goodness that warms you from right from within? Other than the Nationwide favorite chai (tea), we present to you some of the best dishes that will […]