Woman Literally S**ts On Floor Of Tim Hortons & Throws It At Employee!

  A Women in Canada was refused to use the toilet at  Tim Hortons. And get into the conversation with the manager.   After a few minute conversations with the manager, she removed her lower, picked a napkin and throw s**t on the manager’s face.   She did this event twice and ran away from […]

Freddie Mercury

Rami Malek Will Win Oscar For Bohemian Rhapsody – Watch Trailer

  Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest celebration of Queen, their music, and their lead singer Freddie Mercury who defied stereotypes and went on to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the globe. The film traces the  rise of the band through their iconic songs and mesmerizing sound, their near-implosion as Mercury’s lifestyle spirals out […]

sexy girlfriends of football players


Attention, hottest football WAGs inside: be careful! Take your time to read this Top 10 Sexiest Football WAGs. If you still thinking what WAGs refer to?. Let me tell you WAGs stand for Wives and Girlfriends. These football wags are not Victoria Beckham, Coolen Rooney, and  Abbey Crouch. So just keep calm and take out your hotness meter and […]

Why Aamir’s Dangal Girl Wanted To Commit Suicide?

17- year -old Zaira Wasim, who played the role of Aamir Khan’s daughter in Dangal told about her ongoing battle with depression.   Read her full post here : I’m writing this to (finally) admit and confess that I, for a very long time have been suffering from severe anxiety and… Posted by Zaira Wasim […]

How Shapecrunch Is Redefining Healthcare In India!

Over the past decades, while India’s GDP has constantly grown at about seven percent, the country’s healthcare sector still lags behind. According to the Indian Medical Association, India’s healthcare spending remains low at 1.2 percent of the GDP. The government aims to increase the healthcare spending by 2022. Much of these will be done through […]

Now Your Mobile Can Make A Call In Your Absence!

On Stage I/O 2018, CEO Sundar Pichai showed off a mesmerizing new capability of Google Assistant. Pichai played back a phone call recording that sounded incredibly natural, the person on the other end had no idea they were talking to a digital AI. Listen a super cool “mmhmm” by Google Assistant early in the conversation. […]

Six Ways In Which Elon Musk Will Change The Future!

Elon Musk is CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. The man who changed the whole definition of entrepreneurship is planning to colonize the Mars and thinks that Artificial Intelligence is more dangerous than North Korea. The promises made by Elon can be compared to the hype. If those dreams come true than the whole globe will […]