top 10 shows on netflix to binge watch

10 Shows on Netflix worth Binge Watching.

  We all love binge watching shows, but sometimes we end up watching the same show again and again as we have no clue what to watch next. I am here to help you save some time off your next binge-watch series search so instead of searching, you can get straight down to the business.   Altered […]

Chartered Plane crashes in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar 5 dead.

  A Chartered Plane was on its test flight today when it crashed in Ghatkopar’s Sarvodaya Nagar in Mumbai. This incident killed 5 people when the Chartered Plane crashed onto a construction site called as Jagruti.   These are the pics taken today before departure #Ghatkopar #PlaneCrash #Mumbai — Paradise Lost (@Daily_Velli) June 28, 2018 […]

21 songs that every 90’s kid enjoyed listening in their teens.

  I may be a little biased but I think the kids from the 90’s were the luckiest of all, they got everything in the best form whether it was fashion , music or what not. Here are a few hits which everyone enjoyed listening in their teens. I love jamming on these songs every […]

Dhadak’s Version of Zingaat is out & here is how twitter is trolling it.

  The Marathi anthem that everyone loved, Zingaat’s Hindi version from the movie Dhadak is out. While Sairat’s Zingaat was loved by all, it does not seems the same for its Hindi version. The Hindi Zingaat which has been choreographed by Farhan Khan has so far received a lot of backlash with the number of dislikes and hate comments […]

J.K. Rowling reveals :There are actually two harry potters

  J.K. Rowling just released a detail that could shake the entire Harry potter fandom. J.K. Rowling loves giving new surprises and inputs about the wizarding world to her fans.In one of her latest posts on Pottermore , she revealed that Harry Potter wasn’t the first Harry Potter. Harry’s great grandfather was named Henry Potter […]

learn english

5 Easy tips to improve your English speaking skills at home.

  English is a language which is accepted worldwide while everyone might be knowing it, but they might not be comfortable while speaking it. There can be many reasons behind it but with certain simple steps, you can definitely change this. Here are 5 easy tips to improve your English speaking skills at home.   1.  Think […]

Chai Times - Jewellery

Top 10 Jewellery Trends Of 2018 – Own Them & Slay

  Jewelry is a girl’s best friend, but jewelry trends keep on changing from time to time and it’s very difficult to keep up to date with them. So here are I am helping you to know some of the hottest trends in 2018 that you must have.   1. Mismatched earrings: They say that your bags and shoes should […]

How to overcome your fear of public speaking.

  Hearing the word “public speaking” can drive instant fear in someone’s mind. An average person ranks the fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death. It’s because this fear could hurt your professional and personal life. Fear of Public speaking as also called as Glossophobia. You may have experienced this before. Your legs […]

How To Avoid Jewellery Theft When You Travel | Sponsored by Melorra

  With wedding and holiday season around every girl needs a little bling bling ! in their life. But according to a recent survey, 80% of women bring jewelry with them while traveling and 25% of those surveyed had lost a piece of jewelry on vacation. I am sure this is something which has happened to you […]

narendra modi pakoda statement made this man a millionaire

PM Narendra Modi’s Pakoda statement made a man Millionaire in Vadodara

  PM Narendra Modi’s pakoda statement was one of the most controversial topic in the recent past. Well, a man in Vadodara seems to have grabbed this idea and started his own pakoda stall in Vadodara and now he has created his own franchise out of it, with more than 35 stalls.                 […]