A 5-Year-Old Boy Called Police When He Was Hungry, Police Also Bought A Pizza For Him

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I hope no one will take this seriously and everyone will agree with me. In our country, if you dial 100 and say to the police that you are hungry, instead of cutting phone silently or sending food to the hungry, police will call jalebi from him for the entire police station.


Well, we are talking about the American police. There people dial 911 in an emergency situation and police arrive immediately to help. In the US state of Florida, a 5-year-old boy dialled 911 when he was hungry.




The police arrived immediately to that boy’s house. Boy’s elder sister was also there. The sister said that the boy may have called them by mistake. The police explained the importance of dialling 911 to both of them. Then the police went to the pizza store and bought a large pizza for the hungry boy.


The Sanford Police Department has mentioned this entire incident on their Facebook page.




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