7 “Out Of The Box” Questions Asked On Quora

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When Quora was founded in 2009, the founders Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever would’ve never thought that people will ask ridiculously disgusting questions too.

It was designed for people to ask and answer questions and is open to all.  Sometimes it gives you answers for your serious problems and then it is fun to cheer up your mood with some epic answers and weird questions.

There were times when people felt a strong connection with Quora and asked their heart out.

Well here is a list of some difficult-to-answer questions –

Q. How do you sprain your wrist??

Under what circumstances a person will ever want to have a sprain. Well you can read the answers for fun. Also there are related questions for ankles.

Q. How can I annoy my boss??

That can lead to your termination BTW. But still you Can get the tricks.

Q. I borrowed a tablespoon of sugar from my neighbour. Can the neighbour claim the dish I made using that sugar??

How on Earth this thing came to your mind?? If you ever had this sort of question then find out about the possibilities.

Q. How can I discreetly make a neighbour’s life a misery??

Seems like they have done something really bad. Feel the same about your neighbours, have a look.

Q. What are some tips for cheating on your spouse??

Like seriously?? Although it is a terrible thing but you can read it here.

Q. How do cats take revenge??

Well well some genuine answers by cat lovers.

Q. How can I get a superpower??

Spider bite, may be… Well there are other options too.

Did you also feel “kaun hain ye log, kaha se aate hain ye log”????

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