5 Things We So Rightfully Demand From Our GolGappe Bhaiyya

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Pani- Puri has always been our favorite snack. The all-time and any-time favorite  snack has no age bar and we are no less in savoring it all. Also we Indians have this insane habit of asking for freebies and much like everything else pani puri isn’t an exception. So here are few things which we all are guilty of asking with our golgappe bhaiyya across the street. 

Extra Puri – We are never satisfied with the number of gol gappas we get in the end we always want one extra – like every damn time.

More pani – The tangy and sweet water of this delicious treat is always in demand. We very religiously ask for pani without which no golgappa eating is complete. 

One more Plain puri – Along with extra puri’s which of course are never enough one “Sukki” (Dry) puri is to be eaten very ceremoniously to give the snack the finishing it deserves. 

Pyaaz – For all the onion lovers out there. The stuffing is never complete without the additional onion you put in it. This onion is mind you is very  asked to be given as if its a birth right denied. 

Spicy – One of the most famous line you will get to hear is “Bhaiyya thoda theekha banana” (Brother make it spicy please). Without this sentence your pani puri eating experience is incomplete.

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