Happy Summer : 5 Things We All Do Before Vacation

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Falling short on time because of my own vacation preparations so I thought it will be better to write one on the things we all do before vacation, because you know excitement and happiness.

A vacation is vacation, doesn’t matter how many days it consists. Everyone has their own stories related to vacation, be it before, on it or after it.

Let’s quickly check the top 5 things – 

#1 Research

Research starts from the day we starts planning. From the top places to visit to the offbeat places, we don’t want to miss a single one. And this is so right I mean we don’t know if we will get to be in the same place again so it’s better to cover all.

#2 Shopping

By shopping I don’t mean about the one we do during the holiday (of course this is also very very important), but the one we do before going on holiday. New dress, footwear, cosmetics etc etc.

#3 Discussions

Doesn’t matter what kind of vacation this is going to be, with family or with friends. The discussion takes place 15 days ago about how much stuff you are packing?? what dress you are going to wear?? have you started packing?? and much more…

#4 Parlour

One of the most important part. Waxing, threading, clean up, facial… Be photo ready!!

#5 Food

Food is the most essential part. You need them from the very starting to the end. Not only lunch or dinner but snacks too because you can’t risk your health buying snacks wherever. Coming from a sweet lover family, carrying a sweet is a must for us.



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