31 Interesting Facts About The Joker Movie

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In this past week, the new Joker movie that has hit the cinemas, people are talking about this movie. Some people say it is the movie which has come after the decade. Some people say it is the thoughtless movie that it should be banned from the cinemas. And some has accepted that the Joker’s character played is very good and they enjoyed the chaos and fight in the movie. Whatever you think about the movie but you can not deny that the movie has captured everybody’s attention. We have collected very much interesting facts about the Joker movie. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family and also don’t forget to leave a comment so that we can know what you think about the movie.


#1 Joker’s Actor Joaquin Phoenix Based His Laugh On Videos Of People Suffering From Pathological Laughter


#2 For The Role Of Joker, Actor Joaquin Phoenix Went On Grueling A Diet And Lost 52 Pounds (23.6 Kilograms)


#3 Before Filming, The Director Phillips Told Joaquin Phoenix That He Envisioned Joker’s Laughter As Something That’s Almost Painful


#4 Joaquin Phoenix And The Late Heath Ledger Were Good Friends


#5 The Bathroom Dance Was Improvised On The Spot By Joaquin Phoenix


#6 There Are At Least 3 Different Laughs The Joker Does: The ‘Affliction’ Laugh, The ‘One Of The Guys Laugh, And The ‘Authentic Joy’ Laugh At The End


#7 Joker Cracked Imdb’s ‘Top 10 Highest-Rated Movies Of All Time’ List


#8 The Movie Is Based In 1981 Which Was Done Deliberately


#9 When Preparing For The Role, Phoenix Studied The Movements Of Iconic Silent Film Stars Like Buster Keaton And Ray Bolger


#10 The Movie Got An 8-Minute-Long Standing Ovation At Its Premiere At The Venice Film Festival


#11 Todd Phillips Became Increasingly Annoyed By The Paparazzi Taking Grainy Photos From Whatever Long-Distance Angle They Could


#12 The Silent Film ‘The Man Who Laughs’ Was Also Another Major Influence On The New Joker Movie


#13 Many Past Actors Went To Dark Places Irl To Play The Role Of The Joker, But Phoenix Says He Didn’t Have That Experience


#14 The Way Joaquin Phoenix Runs In The Movie Was Also A Very Specific Way Of Character Building, It Was Even Called “Arthur’s Run”


#15 Joker Stairs Is Now A Thing On Google Maps And Fans Put It Into The ‘Religious Destination’ Category


#16 The Film’s Storyline, Following A Failed Stand-Up Comedian, Came From The Famous ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Graphic Novel


#17 Arthur’s Clown Makeup Was Purposefully Made To Look “Antique” — His Lips Were Made A Reddish-Brown To Resemble Blood


#18 The Script Often Changed Right Before Shooting And The Actors Would Have To Adapt And Even Improvise Their Characters’ Dialogue


#19 Arthur Fleck’s, Aka Joker’s, Role Was Made With Joaquin Phoenix In Mind


#20 In Real Life, Arkham State Hospital Is The Brooklyn Army Terminal Annex Building


#21 Joaquin Phoenix Said That He Didn’t Refer To Any Past Iterations Of Joker’s Character When Developing His Role


#22 Robert De Niro Is Phoenix’s Favorite American Actor, However, The Two Hardly Talked On Set


#23 Director Phillips Actually Asked Composer Hildur Guðnadóttir To Start Writing Music Off The Script, Which Is Not Normally Done In Movies


#24 The Joker Staircase Is Located In The Bronx At W 167th St, Between Anderson And Shakespeare Ave


#25 In Fact, There Was A Little Awkward Tension Between The De Niro And Phoenix


#26 The Shot Of Arthur Fleck Being Beaten Down Was Intended, Planned And Made To Looked Like From A Graphic Novel

#27 The Hudson County Superior Court In Jersey City Became The Wayne Hall For The Movie


#28 The Joker Title Was Firstly Shot On Film And Then It Was ‘Filmed Out And Put Back On The Digital Again’, As The Movie’s Director Says. It Was Done To Achieve Grainy And Oldschool Look


#29 Pornhub Reveals That There Have Been 741,000 Searches For ‘Joker’ Since The Movie’s Release At The Start Of October 2019


#30 After Watching The Behind-The-Scenes Footage, You Can Tell That Some Scenes Were Deleted From The Movie


#31 A Lot Of Late ’70s And Early ’80s “Character Study” Films Served As Major Influences On The Film And You Can See Many Visual Similarities



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