18 Yr Old Girl Got Permanent Brain Damage After Her Boyfriend Beat Her

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A teenager was left with permanent brain damage and a fractured skull after her boyfriend nearly beat her to death.

Megan McPartlin, 18, has spoken out about her permanent brain damage and fractured skull inflicted by her ex Aaron Worthington,23.

Both of them were celebrating New Year’s Eve when Aaron knocked Megan unconscious and punched her to pulp.

Megan is unable to walk after the attack. She is suffering from three brain injuries, fractures to her right eye and face and bleed on the brain.

Surgeons took five hours to remove pieces of her broken skull and make Megan in good condition. Surgeons replaced the broken skull with the metal plate to save her life.

Seven months later, Megan’s brave carer says that she is still suffering through pain and can feel the metal screws in her head.




She says that she is a lucky woman and she also says that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

She remembered the brutal attack at their home Chorley, Lancashire, she said in an interview. ‘It was 5am on New Year’s Day and we’d been drinking’.

‘He hit me once and I kicked him. He hit me again and it all went black.

When she woke up then her boyfriend didn’t get an ambulance for her and called her dramatic.

Then her neighbour came and called an ambulance. It turned out that she had a bleed on the brain and had hours on her life.

Worthington was arrested after Megan’s family phoned the police.


At Preston Crown Court he was jailed for 27 months. He was jailed last month after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm without intent.

Worthington was convicted of the lowest maximum sentence of two GBH charges.

Megan shut the sentence as pitiful and fears that he will out next year although the Crown Prosecution Service could not confirm this.

She said that the justice system is an absolute joke.

Megan said that it’s pathetic that the culprit got this sentence who nearly killed an 18-year-old girl from three brain injuries.

She added: ‘What if I had died? It’s like my life is only worth a couple of months.’



Megan talks about her brain injuries which affect every aspect of her life.

She said that sometimes she forgets what she says. She can’t smell like she used to or taste.

According to doctors, she will never recover her senses back.

She says she has a massive scar from the right side of her head down to the back. You can see the stitches in her pictures.

‘It makes you stronger going through something like this but I’m so lucky if it was a few centimetres deeper I could have just died.

The surgeon said that the force of it was worse than the injuries people get in car crashes.



Megan said that the surgeons expected her to be in a non-responsive and non-awareness state but she was lucky.

‘I did have some difficulty at the beginning where she couldn’t walk for a while. But because of my age, I built up the strength’.

She tells about the pain she is going through. She has lost vision in her right eye.

‘I don’t have a human head anymore and I never will’.

Megan and Aaron both were in a relationship for two and a half years.

She said that she felt trapped at the time when he was manipulating her.


She said that she threatened to leave her many times but he was having none of it.

She said that he threw her bags, broke her things and stood at the door so she couldn’t go.

Megan hopes to motivate other victims to speak up and escape abusive relationships.


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