11 Things To Remember When Taking Your Kids To Relative’s Home

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Kids are often excited when it comes to vacation because that’s the time when they go to other relative’s home, meet their cousins and their grandparents. But as an adult you have to remember certain etiquettes to teach your kids. They should not trouble the host because of their enjoyment and mischief.

Look, we don’t like it when some kids come to our home and then destroy everything like some war has happened there. So why not teach our own kids to behave properly in other’s home??

Have a look at the following things you should teach your kids – 

#1 Surprises are not always good, tell your relative that you are planning to come there. May be they have some other plans for themselves. Also tell them how many days your going to stay so they will arrange things like that.

#2 If only the children are going then don’t tell the children to take money from the host if they want to eat or buy something instead give them some pocket money.

#3 Ask them to not throw their things anywhere, tell them to keep their belongings on place. And if kids are able then they can also help in household works.

#4 Tell them not to criticize the food too much, not just food but anything. The kid should know that finding mistakes in them is a bad manner.

#5 They should not be stubborn for anything, every home has its own rules and routine and you should respect that.

#6 Playing with cousins and their toys is nice, but breaking them is not good. If you do so the host kid will never forget this and may be he won’t allow your kids to play the next time.

#7 Just because you are guest doesn’t mean you can do anything, so if the kid has committed some mistake and the host has said something then don’t take it on your ego and don’t let this affect the children.

#8 Even if your kid has liked some of their toys very much, he should not ask to take it home with him.

 #9 No investigation of their belongings. They don’t have to be Jr James Bond. Opening their cupboard or refrigerator without asking and without need is prohibited. 

#10 If they own a pet then it should not be disturbed by your kid.

#11 Tell your children to invite the host to your home and also thank them for the vacation.

How about asking your kids to follow the rules and then they will get a gift when they return?? It will encourage them to be nice.

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