10 Things To Do In Bhutan If You Are Going For Holidays In Bhutan

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Bhutan is well-known for its snowy mountains, green forests, monasteries, and attractive landscapes. So, if you are thinking about the holidays in this country then we are here to help. Here are the 10 best things that you can do in the Himalayan Kingdom:-


  1. Visit Tiger’s Nest Monastery

It is also known as Taktsang Monastery which is situated outside Paro and is the most visited tourist place in Bhutan. It is Bhutan’s most sacred place that everyone should visit. Visit this place for meditation, relaxation, and find inner peace. Hiking in this place and witnessing the beautiful and eye-catching view of the mountains will definitely leave you hypnotized.






  1. Go for a hike if you love nature and adventure

The attractive natural landscape, snowy mountains, greens valleys, and crystal clear lakes make Bhutan worth exploring. If you are adventurous and sporty then you should go on a hike to the most unimpaired and remote parts of the country where the beauty of the unspoiled landscape will attract you.




  1. Try Kayaking if you like challenges

If you are an adventurous water sports person then Bhutan is the right place for you. The beautiful rivers of this country offer plenty of opportunity for enjoying fun activities. So, if you want an adrenaline rush you should definitely give this water sport a try.







4. Hot spring Therapy

People of Bhutan do hot spring therapy to cure aches and pains of their body. This is an old tradition that regenerates the body and mind. So if you want to relax and forget all your worries then you can visit one of the springs.  





5. Go to a meditation or yoga place

If you want to spend some time alone then you can go to meditation or yoga place in Bhutan. You can visit the place to find some inner peace and to be one with nature. There are too many meditation and yoga centers in Bhutan, so finding one won’t be a problem. Temples, monasteries, and hotels in Bhutan also provide meditation and yoga session facilities.






6. Learn to ride a horse

If you don’t want to be involved in water sports activities then you can go to Punakha or Bumthang to ride a horse. There are many stables and clubs in Punakha and Bumthang that teach horse riding under the supervision of the expert rider.







7. Visit largest Buddha statues in the world

Here you can see Buddha Dordenma statue. You must visit this statue at least once in a lifetime. The bronze statue of Buddha is plated in gold and more than 50 meters in height. Buddha Dordenma statue is surrounded by 1,25,000 other Buddha statues. This is the best place in Bhutan which you can visit to experience a sense of calm and peace.





8. Local Market of Thimpu

If you want to take souvenirs for your relatives or friends then visit the local market of Thimpu. The market starts on Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday afternoon. So make your plan accordingly. Edibles, handicrafts, textiles, religious stuff, baskets and clothes are just some of the items you can buy here.






9. Hike around Haa Valley

You can go to Haa Valley and hike there. I am sure you will be hypnotized by the view of this valley. You can hike up and down the valley and make wonderful memories.





10. Bhutan’s Jigme Dorji National Park.

If you are a wildlife lover then this the place you should visit. Jigme Dorji National Park is opened for everyone and can be visited by anyone. It is home to Takins, snow leopards, Bengal tigers, Himalayan black bears, red pandas and over 300 species of birds.






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