10 IPC Laws that You Didn’t Know Existed

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If you say that you haven’t seen a single episode of Crime Patrol or Savdhan India, then you must be lying. For fun or by interest but all of us have seen at least one. The only important thing you learn from this is the IPC acts and sections at the end of the show. 

Here is a list of some of the craziest laws –

#1 Indian post office act

Only the government has the authority of delivering letters.

#2 Section 294

For punishing people because of their obscene behaviour in public.

#3 Section 82

No offense on a child who is below 7 years.

#4 Section 160, CrPC

You can’t force a woman to be present in the police station.

 #5 Indian Aircraft Act

You will be needing a permit to fly a kite as t is considered an aircraft.

#6 Section 497

Offense of adultery, it says relations with a married woman come under adultery and the man will be punished imprisonment or fine or both. Remember only the man will get punished. Totally one sided.

#7 Section 377

Not only homosexuality but any sexual relationship against the order of nature is a punishable offense.

#8 Domestic violence act

According to this act you can’t force your wife for any work which consist cooking too. Be careful the next time you are asking her for a cup of tea.

#9 Section 309

How can u fail in a suicide attempt?? That’s really bad, you have to go to the jail now.

# 10 Indian Treasure Act

Made in 1878, says finding and keeping money more than Rs 11 will be prosecuted. How can you keep that 100 rupee note you found on the road without informing Revenue department?? Chal Thane..!!

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