10 Bollywood Songs Which Left Us Wonder About The Lyricist’s Perception

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Each Bollywood movie at least have 4 songs. Sometimes every song is beautiful that you can’t tell which one is the best from the particular movie. And then there are times when you can’t even imagine what was the lyricist thinking and the perception will make you go WTF.

It feels like their imagination power is stretched to the limits or may be they were too high to write a normal one.

Let’s see the top 10 songs which has made think HTF they even came to their mind.


#1 The mutton song – Love ka the end

Like how on earth a person can be mutton??

#2 Ganpati bappa moriya – Judwaa 2

Ganpati bappa moriya, pareshan kare mujhe chhoriyan….. did the girls sing and complain the same about you??

#3 Mere baap ki beti mujhe bhai bolti – Chal mere bhai

What else you want her to call you?? Chacha??

#4 Main ladki po po po – Hera Pheri

May be the song was written being stuck in traffic

#5 Main Laila Laila chillaunga kurta phad k – Anari no 1

Dude plz you don’t have six packs

#6 Dhating nach – Phata poster nikla hero

Just dance, don’t bother about the lyrics

#7 Main to superman – Tevar

Superman be like – Aise Kaise

#8 Tera pallu sarka jaye – Dulhan hum le jayenge

Seriously, this is not a joke

#9 Dhup chik – Fugly

Just as the movie name

#10 Twinkle twinkle – The dirty picture

Playing with a nursery rhyme – janta maaf nahi karegi

The list doesn’t end because we have a huge no of such songs. Here is a bonus one, I won’t say anything about this, you judge it all by yourself.

Feel free to tell us some more from your list in the comments section.

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