Section 370 is going to end, Jammu-Kashmir & Ladakh will become UTs

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Modi government has taken a big decision on Jammu-Kashmir. The government has introduced the proposal of removing section 370 in front of Rajya Sabha.


The decision of Modi Government means that the special rights of Jammu-Kashmir will end now under Article 370. Now the Jammu-Kashmir will be considered as a normal state as other states of India.


Home minister Amit Shah said in Rajya Sabha –




  1. Section 370 has been proposed to be removed from Jammu-Kashmir. Which has been passed by the President.


  1. After the approval of the President, all parts of Article 370 will not be applicable.


  1. After that Jammu-Kashmir will become an Union-Territory.


  1. Central Government has made a proposal to separate Laddhak and Jammu-Kashmir. It means Laddhak will become a separate State.


  1. People of Laddhak have been demanding for a long time that the Laddhak should become a Union Territory so that people living here can achieve their goals.


In Sri Nagar Section 144 has been applicable, whereas in Jammu curfew has become applicable.





In Sri Nagar from mid-night National Conference minister Umar Abdulla, PDP President Mehbooba Mufti, and Jammu-Kashmir people conference President Sajjad Loan have been placed under house arrest.


Meanwhile, mobile internet services have been closed down in Kashmir. And also schools and colleges have been ordered to be closed in the state.



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