PM Modi Has Been Selected In The List Of World’s Most Powerful Person Of 2019

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In a reader’s poll, more than 25 world leaders were selected and only 4 were selected for the final round. The selection process was based on the study and research on each world leader selected.


In a reader’s poll which was conducted by a British magazine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won again as the world’s most powerful person.





According to the British Herald, PM Narendra Modi has defeated many world leaders and politicians with 30.9% votes. He has defeated contenders like Vlamidir Putin, Donald Trump and China’s Xi Jinping who got 29.9%, 21.9%, and 18.1% votes.


The voting system was not available for this. British Herald readers were allowed to vote through a one-time password (OTP).





During the voting process, the website of the magazine crashed many times as many voters attempted to vote for their favourite leaders. PM Narendra Modi will be on the front page of the magazine on 15th July.


Earlier British Herald featured Jacinda Ardern in May-June issue and Vladimir Putin in Mar-April issue.




The magazine says, “Brand gurus also believe, PM Modi has built his political campaign on the very same tenets of a strong promise and strong leadership, the result of which has been a great victory in the Lok Sabha elections.”


Missions like Ayushman Bharat, Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojana, and Clean India scheme of Building toilet had earned him great support.


PM Narendra Modi became popular after this year’s lok sabha elections where it bettered its 2014 performance.




As to what led to PM Modi’s growth as a world leader, the magazine says, “Modi raised his profile as a world leader in recent years during official visits with US President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. He has come out as a key figure in the Asian region who is seen active with his act east policy. His effort to deal with climate change has been seen positively by the world, as warming affects millions of his country’s rural citizens.”


It’s a matter of pride when the supreme leader of our country became the world most powerful leader.

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