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A newbie media company who is determined to showcase news with humor making it lively to our readers and get a glimpse of the day at their chai (tea) break. We have started accepting a guest post from the bloggers in India and across the globe.

At the budding stage, we usually curate and produce content of all the leading happenings across the globe and help it to reach out to people.

As we started accepting guest posts from bloggers for free to help them get more exposure and if we are impressed by your guest post, we promote it for free making it reach a larger group of audience. There are plenty of opportunities by publishing a blog of your own on the next big thing happening in news media company.

Before we proceed with guest post submission, We have few guidelines where we wish all the content writers to follow before submitting any guest post on ChaiTimes.

Who can write a guest post for us?

We have categories sorted out for all niches. We don’t restrict any specific category bloggers and we are open to accepting guest post for business, seo, politics, science, fashion, travel and many more.

What are the guest post rules?

Whether it’s a How-To article or native ads or business focussed, we accept them all only if the guest post requirements have been met.

1. We accept an original guest post which is not plagiarized, that has no grammatical errors and please ensure that your content is not copied or it will be rejected without any notice.
2. We generally accept posts like views, opinions, top things, experiences and so on.
3. Proper content structured data like headings, references, data or quotations.
4. As a media company, we publish blogs very frequently and there are chances of your blog to get shortlisted and get published on ChaiTimes.

What are the guest posting guidelines?

1. Post Length – More than 1000 worded articles will be accepted
2. Image criteria – Appreciated if the guest post has image and please ensure it should be copyrighted free image, consider using stock images from pixabay or pexels.
3. Sources – If it’s a research or data-driven content, please include the source of the article to get better credibility.
4. Unique content – Yes, we have tools that we get all data from any source if the content has been copied.
5. Content style – Keep the blog very simple with less usage of stop words across content.
6. User Info – The user should have their gravatar account and all the credentials should be true in nature.

What comes after submitting a guest post?

Your article will be reviewed and published on chaitimes within 3 days of time making it a reliable free guest post platform. You will be notified with an email if your blog has been published, if it’s rejected, you can rework on your guest post and submit it back again. If you have any queries, you can reach us vial mail to

Submit a guest post today by registering to ChaiTimes and be prepared to reach to the mass audience by creating a powerful blogger identity in ChaiTimes.

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