Forget About Khandala, Let’s Explore MANDALA !

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Do you remember the time when you used to sit for hours painting a drawing? Your clothes and body painted in various colors when you successfully complete it.

Well, no matter how much you scored in drawing during school or how bad you were at drawing, coloring is something nobody would deny doing.


Well, what if I say even if you are 20 or 40 or any age, coloring can help you relieve stress. Do I sound insane?

Maybe. But trust me I am not insane.

But how is it related to Khandala or Mandala?


Well, Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing a universe.

 Ahaaaa universe has a lot more to give you than you think.

Well scientists have come up with a great idea of combining coloring and mandalas and the result is no less than a miracle.


Ever thought coloring can give you stress relief?

Fighting stress is the toughest task especially for the people who lack time to relax. But what is more feasible a coloring book or a therapist?

Well coloring Mandalas is the best way for reduction of stress among adults.

Doesn’t coloring remind of your days free of stress and tensions? The days when a cartoon show and gully cricket match mattered the most. Well mandala coloring is also found to replace negative thoughts with positive ones as new pleasant images start to cross your minds.

Coloring Mandala falls under art therapy. So in order to calm down or concentrate, bring the child within you out and fill color in that mandala coloring book.

Do you think meditation is not your cup of tea? Don’t worry. According to psychologists coloring and creating mandala has same effects as meditation.


This sounds unreal but the fact is coloring mandalas can balance the body, spirit and mind. Isn’t it great ? Coloring on the other hand relaxes our body as our brain tends to relax when we do simple tasks.


Yet another interesting fact about coloring mandalas is they help the brain to stay focused. So logic and creativity are sure to be adds to it.

Coloring Mandala is a rising trend today, and is actually helpful. They allow to rest and recover from a stressful day.

So, forget meditation anxiety and buy yourself a Mandala Coloring Book. Let the child inside you pop back again and let your creativity out.

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