Forget About Khandala, Let’s Explore MANDALA !

  Do you remember the time when you used to sit for hours painting a drawing? Your clothes and body painted in various colors when you successfully complete it. Well, no matter how much you scored in drawing during school or how bad you were at drawing, coloring is something nobody would deny doing.   […]

gaming a mental disorder

Gaming addiction is now officially considered as a mental health disorder.

  If your parents were telling you, to stop playing video games too much they just might be right. WHO (World Health Organisation) declared addiction to video games as a serious mental disorder. The organization in it’s latest version of  International Classification of Diseases (ICD) has listed gaming addiction in it. Don’t just throw away your laptops yet. According […]

Your Curves That Matter !

  Remember the last time you smiled at your doodhwale bhaiya or the bus conductor. If not, after reading this article I hope you start passing smile to everyone you meet. Your small effort is surely going to add life to their day. But how is it going to help you? I don’t say you […]

Everything You Need To Know About Magic Mushrooms

  What are Magic Mushrooms? A Psilocybin Mushroom/ Magic Mushroom/ Shrooms are one of the polyphyletic group of fungis that can contain any of the various psychedelic compounds, including psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. The scientific name of ‘magic mushroom’ is psilocybin mushroom. It has been banned in many countries across the world including India but […]

How Shapecrunch Is Redefining Healthcare In India!

Over the past decades, while India’s GDP has constantly grown at about seven percent, the country’s healthcare sector still lags behind. According to the Indian Medical Association, India’s healthcare spending remains low at 1.2 percent of the GDP. The government aims to increase the healthcare spending by 2022. Much of these will be done through […]

period cramps relief

Ways to get rid of period cramps-A guy also should know

  Ladies are acclimated with concealing period torment with counterfeit grins and trudging ourselves even on days when we have a craving for kicking the bucket on account of physical and mental enduring.   Since well, the shame encompassing periods is extremely abnormal. You should feel embarrassed about the monthly cycle and furthermore overcome the torment […]

Chai times Modi Sunny Leone

‘Sunny Leone is inspiration of my fitness’- PM Modi reveals

  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has uncovered his wellness legend alongside different issues at a gathering with outsider Indians in London. Saying that the feedback of more advantageous popular government is likewise great … ‘I have taken an exceptional eating regimen throughout the previous 20 years. I get 2 kg surveys day by day. […]


Key to unlock the fear of Cancer! Cancer can be cured

Researchers at University of Southampton have demonstrated how animating a particular area on the surface of invulnerable cells can be focused with antibodies to help in their battle against a tumor.   The new work concerns a receptor called CD40 found on the surface of certain resistant cells which manages their action. The CD40 receptors are […]


India is second Hemophilia country in the World- World’s Hemophilia Day

  Today 17th April is World’s Hemophilia Day where around 1000 patients are unregistered still, Factor VIII prescription is very costly, not given by the legislature.   India stands second in the number of hemophilia patients on the planet, as per the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH). In any case, unfortunately, a large portion of them […]

bitter melon juice

Bitter melon juice- An easy way to burn fat and weight loss

  Karela juice is anything but difficult to plan and requires absolute minimum fixings. On the off chance that it gets too intense for your sense of taste, you can blend it with some other natural product juice, as well. This is how karela juice helps Actress Aishwarya to reduce weight.   In this way, […]