11 Things To Remember When Taking Your Kids To Relative’s Home

Kids are often excited when it comes to vacation because that’s the time when they go to other relative’s home, meet their cousins and their grandparents. But as an adult you have to remember certain etiquettes to teach your kids. They should not trouble the host because of their enjoyment and mischief. Look, we don’t […]

Wanna Be Everyone’s Favourite?? Get Some effective Tips

Looking fashionable and attractive is thought to be compulsory nowadays but that’s not enough. People who are attractive as well have a kind nature are those who become everyone’s favourite. Their rich nature make them special and star among others. You can be star with some simple yet effective tips. Let’s take a look at […]

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Top 10 Jewellery Trends Of 2018 – Own Them & Slay

  Jewelry is a girl’s best friend, but jewelry trends keep on changing from time to time and it’s very difficult to keep up to date with them. So here are I am helping you to know some of the hottest trends in 2018 that you must have.   1. Mismatched earrings: They say that your bags and shoes should […]

How To Avoid Jewellery Theft When You Travel | Sponsored by Melorra

  With wedding and holiday season around every girl needs a little bling bling ! in their life. But according to a recent survey, 80% of women bring jewelry with them while traveling and 25% of those surveyed had lost a piece of jewelry on vacation. I am sure this is something which has happened to you […]

GAURAIYYA : A Childhood Friend We All Wish To Meet Again

When I was in 7th standard, there was a poem in our Hindi book – “Mere matmaile aangan me fudak rahi gauraiyya“. And this was the story of every home. Our childhood mornings used to start with that chirpy voice of sparrows around us. They were friends with almost every kid. I remember it very […]

9 Things Every Dog Lover Goes Through

    1.Mission Identification When a dog is your family member you end up treating it as a human child (at times) and children as puppies and probably laugh at yourself when you realize what you have been doing.   2. Melting Eyes Persuasion If you thought puppy face was just a phrase then you […]

Perceptions – Being Single v/s Being Committed

  Lot of changes occur in a person when he/she transitions from being single to being committed. Difference in perception of normal day-to day things is one of the many. We have few examples over here for you to enjoy and reminisce.  1.Recklessness  When you have someone you need to protect you don’t make rash […]

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8 Rumi Quotes Transcending Time and Space – Must Read

  Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi or more popularly known as Rumi was 13th century poet whose spiritual influence has surpassed seven centuries and is still revered with respect and admiration. He was Muslim poet, Theologian, Islamic scholar, Jurist, and Sufi Mystic. His mentor had described him as “Here comes a sea followed by an ocean.” when he saw him walking behind […]

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Happy Summer : 5 Things We All Do Before Vacation

Falling short on time because of my own vacation preparations so I thought it will be better to write one on the things we all do before vacation, because you know excitement and happiness. A vacation is vacation, doesn’t matter how many days it consists. Everyone has their own stories related to vacation, be it […]

7 “Out Of The Box” Questions Asked On Quora

When Quora was founded in 2009, the founders Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever would’ve never thought that people will ask ridiculously disgusting questions too. It was designed for people to ask and answer questions and is open to all.  Sometimes it gives you answers for your serious problems and then it is fun to cheer […]