31 Interesting Facts About The Joker Movie

    In this past week, the new Joker movie that has hit the cinemas, people are talking about this movie. Some people say it is the movie which has come after the decade. Some people say it is the thoughtless movie that it should be banned from the cinemas. And some has accepted that […]

54 Photos Unable To Believe Are Not Photoshopped

  Some people say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Some photos are so amazing that millions of questions arise in our mind at the time we see them. The question which arises is “Was this photoshopped”? Whether you think that photoshop should never be used to edit the photos that you have […]

A Babysitter Shamed By Mom As She Asked $15/Hour To Take Care Of Three Kids

  Kids are lovable, fun and absolutely cute. Although babysitting them is one of the most difficult tasks. In fact, taking care of kids is something similar to handling teenagers: their mood swings, they’re hungry every moment, and their sleeping pattern is unpredictable. So it’s not surprising that babysitters have to be paid a very […]

30 Cartoons Of The Human Evolution Silhouette

    “Evolution Silhouette” which depicts a step-by-step rise from our primate ancestors here is the most recognizable images and a source of endless memes. The artist tells about himself that he used to play with the silhouette in his “Viva la Evolucion!” series of cartoons to poke fun at social media, politics, religion and […]

US Embassy Officials Sing “Badtameez Dil” And Win A Lot Of Hearts On Internet

    We all know that singing and dancing promotes a healthy relationship between the two nations. The U.S. Diplomats in New Delhi were singing and dancing to Bollywood songs from Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge to Badtameez Dil. Watch our diplostars flaunt their love for songs from Hindi movies. Which is your favorite Bollywood […]

Emaciated Elderly Elephant Dies In Sri Lanka

    The abnormally thin and weak tusker has passed away, whose poor condition had got a lot of attention from animal activists and people around the world.   Lek Chailert, the founder of Save Elephant Foundation posted about elephant’s death on Instagram.  View this post on Instagram The sad news is just out tonight […]

18 Yr Old Girl Got Permanent Brain Damage After Her Boyfriend Beat Her

      A teenager was left with permanent brain damage and a fractured skull after her boyfriend nearly beat her to death. Megan McPartlin, 18, has spoken out about her permanent brain damage and fractured skull inflicted by her ex Aaron Worthington,23. Both of them were celebrating New Year’s Eve when Aaron knocked Megan […]

Due To Human Waste Caribbean Sea Choked To Death

    A photographer has captured an image taken near a tranquil Caribbean island of damage that has been done to the planet’s oceans with a shocking “sea of plastic and styrofoam”. Caroline Power, who specialises in underwater photography, has been highlighting the damaged plastic waste is doing to our oceans. She said watching plastic […]

How Humans Would Look If We Had Various Animals’ Bone Structures

    Kawasaki has created a series of illustrations about what people would look like if they had the skeletal structure of certain animals and posed just like them. We bring you the drawings from the artist’s series about animal-humans. Enjoy the gorgeous pics. Watch the pictures and tell us which one you like the […]

18 Times People Gone Too Far With Their Emotional Support Animals

  An emotional support animal (ESA), assistance animal, or support animal, is a companion animal that is intended to provide some benefit for a person disabled by a mental health condition or emotional disorder. Emotional support animals are typically dogs, but are sometimes cats or other animals: they are intended to assist persons suffering psychological disabilities that substantially interfere with major life activities, such as anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, or panic attacks. […]